How it works

Book the exact date and time on our mobile app or at go.upshiftcars.com 24/7. For each subsequent trip, we’ll assume that you want your car delivered to your home, unless you tell us otherwise.

Upshift is like owning a car, but better. You always have an identical, unbranded well-equiped hybrid or EV that’s clean, fueled, and ready to go at your doorstep. We take care of all the headaches of owning a car, like storage, insurance, cleaning, and maintenance.

Yes! Our service area includes most of San Francisco’s most popular neighborhoods. Feel free to start your trip at home and have us pick it up at your favorite restaurant, where you’re meeting friends. You can also have your car delivered to your office and have us pick it up later at your home.

We’re currently available in most of San Francisco’s most popular neighborhoods, and plan to expand to other neighborhoods and cities soon. Let us know if you want us to come to your neck of the woods!

You’re responsible for parking the vehicle legally during your booking. We’ll deliver your car and pick it up when you’re done. At the end of a booking, please park in a legal spot where it can stay for at least 2 hours during service hours or until 9am the following morning if returning after 4pm.

Our Priuses get 54 and Corolla hybrids get 50 combined MPG, which helps save your wallet and the planet. Don’t bother filling up the tank at the end of your day: we’ll refuel for you and charge you the price we paid at the pump, with no markup.

All of our cars are registered with FasTrak. We’ll bill you for any FasTrak charges incurred during your trip.

To avoid paying twice for tolls, don’t pay cash when passing through a toll plaza with electronically tolled lanes—the plates on all of our cars are registered, some toll plazas may take a picture of your plates and bill the car even if you pay cash. (You also shouldn’t bring your own FasTrak transponder with you, for the same reason.)

Insurance coverage is included in your membership, so you never have to worry about whether or not you’re covered. To become an Upshift member, you must be at least 25 years of age, hold a valid driver’s license from your permanent state (or country) of residence, and have a clean driving record with two years of driving history. It’s important that you review the Insurance tab and Membership Agreement for more information on our insurance policy. You’re responsible for the car from the moment you take possession of it until the moment we take it back at the end of your booking. Seconardy drivers are only allowed if they’ve been registered and approved as a shared account.

Yes! We’ll ask you to digitally sign an affidavit stating that you meet our driving record requirements and accept our membership agreement. You’ll also need a US cell phone number to communicate with us.

You’re responsible for any tickets, parking, or tolls incurred during your booking time and for the first two hours after you return the car. If returning after 4pm, you are responsible for the car until 9am. If car is parked illegally (tow zone, wheels not curbed, red zone, blocking driveway, construction, etc.) you are responsible for any ticket or tow until we pick it up regardless of when that is. We assess a $15 administration fee for processing tickets.

  • Phone chargers for iOS and Android devices are supplied in all vehicles. Most models have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, those without have a universal phone mount.
  • We have snow chains available for $25 per booking.
  • We don’t provide child seats, but all children that ride in the vehicle must wear a seat belt or federally approved child seat installed in accordance with applicable state law.
  • If the car is equipped with (or you install) a bicycle rack, snow chains, ski rack, trailer hitch, or child seat, you assume all risk of loss or damage to property resulting from your use of that device.
  • You can request a surfboard rack and key lockbox.
  • You can fit two bicycles or two surfboards in a Toyota Prius or RAV4 with the seats folded down.

Pets are allowed as long as they stay in a crate and you place a blanket under the crate, or they can be on a car seat cover in the back seat – cover must stay properly installed while the pet is in the vehicle. We absolutely love animals, but some of our members are allergic! If we find excessive pet hair in the car, we’ll bill a $50 fee or more if special cleaning/sanitization is needed.