Finally a way to have a car in the city, worry-free.

Subscribe to a car that’s there when you need it, and gone when you don't. Now in San Francisco.

Part-time cars for full-time lives

San Francisco car subscriptions - there when you need it, gone when you don't.

Fractional car subscriptions

Upshift cars

Drive less? Pay less.

Only commuting a couple days a week? Just want to get out of town on weekends? Car subscriptions for people who drive around 1-3 days/week.

Upshift user

We deliver whenever you need it.

We'll park legally within 2 blocks. No need to meet - unlock and drive via app when ready. To return, park legally in our SF zone, lock via app and walk away.

Upshift plans

You drive. We do the rest.

Our plans include delivery, storage when not in use, insurance, maintenance, cleaning, refueling service, and roadside assistance. Never think about your car again.

How it works

Customize your plan

Book a car

We deliver

Use the car with no hassle

We deliver in San Francisco
Standard service zone
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Hybrid cars

Honda CR-V Hybrid

5 seats AWD 37 MPG
Honda CR-V

Toyota Corolla Hybrid

5 seats FWD 50 MPG


Environmentally conscious alternative to car ownership

An elegant way to get around owning or leasing car. Flexibility, being environmentally-conscious, and just an excellent way to be mobile.

Adam B.

I’ve completely changed the way I think about cars and transportation

For as long as Upshift can deliver for me, I will subscribe. For as long as they’re around, I’ll decline to own a car. And I’ll save a ton of money in the process.

David J.

Like I own a car without the worries

Since becoming a monthly subscriber, I feel like I have my car back again. Like I own a car without the worries or cost of keeping it around all the time.

Sam M.

Subscriptions of 4–12 days / month from

$299 / month

Including insurance, deliveries, and maintenance.

Peace of mind, without owning a car.

Download the app.

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We’re in business to drive cities forward

Fewer, greener cars

Clean operations

We’ve eliminated over

964,681 lbs

of CO2 and counting