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Subscribe to a car that comes to you when you want to drive—and leave the rest to us.

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A car you never have to worry about

Whenever you want to drive, Upshift will bring your car to your front door.

When you're done, we'll pick it up, too.

You text

Tell us where and when you want your car delivered, no app required.

We deliver

We bring your car right to your door, clean and gassed up for your drive.

You drive

Never worry about mileage or insurance. We have every detail covered.

We pick up

You decide when you're done with your car. When you're ready, we'll pick it up and refuel and clean it.

Got a dog?

We'll bring a special seat for Fido.

Catching waves?

We'll add a surfboard rack and lock box for your keys.

Heading to fresh powder?

We’ve got snow chains.

You choose
a delivery option

Concierge service

We deliver and pick up your car anywhere in our San Francisco full service area, every day from 8am to 8pm.

Self service

Pick up your car within two blocks of your location, and drop it off anywhere in our service area, any time of day or night.

Full service

Self service only

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Always drive
an identical Prius

Our fleet of white Priuses means you get a familiar driving experience every time... just like owning your own car. With room for 5 people or your surfboard, bike, or skis, our fleet car is ready for your drive. 54 mpg means you can drive to Tahoe and back without stopping for gas. We even supply accessories like a phone mount, charging cables, and FasTrak, and clean our fleet with all-natural cleaning supplies.

Our newest vehicles feature the latest in car tech, including:
- Adaptive cruise control that adjusts to the speed of traffic… perfect for rush hour
- Parking assistance so you never have to stress about parallel parking
- Blind spot monitor detection to help keep you safe

"I love Upshift. Great cars - all Priuses. Being able to text my request (without having to download another app), getting prompt responses and then 'presto' the car appears at my door - it is genius, easy and delightful!”

Ellee K.

Plans for less than a monthly garage space

Every plan includes concierge delivery and pick-up, cleaning, refueling, maintenance, and insurance coverage.
Join now for $0 down and start driving.

Unlimited rollover

Didn't use all of your days? Keep whatever's left for whenever you need it.

Money-back guarantee

If you aren't satisfied after your first day, we'll refund your subscription.

On time, every time

We’ll bring your car to your door within 10 minutes of your booking time.

"Since becoming a monthly subscriber, I feel like I have my car back again. Like I own a car without the worries or cost of keeping it around all the time."

Sam R.