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We need to rethink the way we move.

If you don’t have a car...

You waste valuable time renting a car to go out of the city. Stand in line at downtown or airport rental counters and get hit with gas refueling charges and steep insurance costs. Or scroll through hundreds of cars on carshare platforms and never know what car is available and if it’s clean, gassed up, or what you will pay.

If you have a car...

You are circling the block every week to avoid street sweeping tickets on a car you rarely use. Buying a new car you hardly drive is crazy, so you have an older car that barely runs, gets terrible gas mileage, and doesn’t have the latest safety features let alone bluetooth. But you have good memories with it and you already paid it off...

It’s time to Upshift.

Upshift makes it easier to go wherever you want with fewer resources. We are getting rid of all the cars clogging our streets by sharing, reducing greenhouse gas emissions with new Priuses, and eliminating serious traffic injuries by incorporating the latest safety technologies. Let’s go!

We have eliminated CO2 emissions equal to taking 7+ cars off the road for a year!



Portraits by Dakarai Towle and Meredith Rom


Ezra Goldman
CoFounder, CEO

Master's City Planning, MIT

18 years in shared transportation


Ayako Hiwasa
CoFounder, Operations

Launched a social venture in Cambodia

Process optimizer & user champion

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We empower you to be fully yourself – no matter who you are.

We trust and respect each other – no matter your role.

We support each other's growth – both professionally and personally.

Want to reinvent transportation and build a great company? Come, join us!


  • Integrity
  • Grit
  • Conscientiousness
  • Empathy
  • Friendliness


Our concierges play a vital role in making our member experience amazing. You will deliver and pick up cars from our members in San Francisco, answer member questions, and clean and refuel cars between trips.


  • have a bicycle and are comfortable riding it in San Francisco, even at night or in the rain
  • are over the age of 21 with 2+ years experience driving with a clean record required
  • have a smart phone with a data plan
  • have a friendly, positive attitude and put our members' needs first

Part time to start with the opportunity for growth and a full time role.

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