Upshift is a vehicle for change

We're in business to drive cities forward

Our mission is to eliminate car ownership, car accidents, and carbon emissions while creating living jobs and livable cities. 

  1. Green cars: We put the greenest cars we can on our platform. We started with hybrid cars, now adding electric cars.
  2. Fewer cars: We maximize the usage of our fleet so the most people can get access to a car when they need one with the least amount of resources like cars or parking spaces. We’re reclaiming cities from cars and giving our streets back to people.
  3. Clean operations: We use the greenest cleaning supplies we can find which are natural, non-toxic, biodegradable and/or waterless and our team uses bicycles to do our operations.
  4. Safe cars: Our fleet is connected and has the latest advanced driver assistance systems to reduce the risk of accidents and keep you, our team, and our community safe.
  5. Dignified work: We hire our delivery team as employees, provide at least 1.5x minimum wage salaries plus benefits, treat everyone as core team members, and train them to drive safely and respectfully. We have an intolerance for intolerance.

Our members have driven over 1,184,837 miles – enough to drive around the globe almost 48 times!

CO2 emissions eliminated: over 917,477 lbs – that’s equivalent to taking over 97 cars off the road for 1 year. Every member who joins contributes to our impact!

Once posted, the annual report may be found at the link below: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1722137/000172213722000001/upshiftformcar.pdf

Upshift is on a mission to improve our cities

Currently open positions


We empower you to be fully yourself – no matter who you are. We trust and respect each other – no matter your role. We support each other’s growth – both professionally and personally. Want to reinvent transportation and build a great company? Come, join us!


  • — Integrity
  • — Grit
  • — Conscientiousness
  • — Empathy
  • — Friendliness


Our concierges play a vital role in making our member experience amazing. You will deliver and pick up cars from our members in San Francisco, answer member questions, and clean and refuel cars between trips.


have a bicycle and are comfortable riding it in San Francisco, even at night or in the rain are over the age of 21 with 2+ years experience driving with a clean record required have a smart phone with a data plan have a friendly, positive attitude and put our members’ needs first

Part time to start with the opportunity for growth and a full time role.

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