Extra amenities and fees

Goodies available upon request

Dog car seat hammock


Request at booking or more than 1 hour before the start of your drive

Surfboard rack & key lockbox


Request at booking or more than 1 hour before the start of your drive

Snow chains

$25 /booking

Request at booking or more than 1 hour before the start of your drive

Fees we never want to charge

Extra cleaning

$25 /booking

We keep our cars spotless for everyone—normal cleaning is included in our service. If you return a car with stains or excessive dirt, we may add cleaning fees.



Cancel more than 24 hours in advance: 100% of trip refunded

Cancel fewer than 24 hours in advance: 25% of trip cost refunded, no refund of subscription day credits

Habitual or consistent cancellations may be subject to additional fees or revocation of membership.

Booking changes


You can always modify your trip. If you requested concierge service, just give us one hour advance notice so we can be sure to meet you on time.

Additional day credits or day charges apply if you extend your trip into a new 24-hour period (for example, when your trip lasts 25 total hours, or 49 total hours). "Unused" time isn’t refundable.

Extended concierge service hours

$20 /request

Extended concierge service hours are 6:00am - 8:00am and 6:00pm - 10:00pm. Self service is always free, 24/7.

Wrong dispatch


We treat our delivery concierges with respect. Changing your delivery location by more than 1/4 mile after your concierge has been dispatched or making your concierge wait for more than 10 minutes may be subject to a $30 fee.


$10 + cost of ticket

It happens to the best of us. This fee covers our administration costs to process the ticket.



Holding a cigarette out the window counts. It’s an expensive, week-long process using natural, ozone-free products to get the smell of smoke out of our cars.

Pet hair

$25 + cleaning cost

Pets are allowed as long as they stay in a crate and you place a blanket under the crate, or use a dog car seat cover (we can provide one). We absolutely love animals, but some of our members are allergic! If we find excessive pet hair in the car, we may bill you a $25 fee plus the cost of extra cleaning.

Roadside assistance


Roadside assistance is free for any mechanical or breakdown issues. Fees may be assessed if member fault or negligence is involved (like emergency refueling, flat tire, lost key, or drained battery).

Lost key

$75 + replacement cost

This covers our time to bring you a spare key (within our service area) and the expense to make a new one.

Lost accessories

$20 + replacement fees (if applicable)

The provided phone accessories make everyone's experience smooth and easy. Please don’t take them with you!

Lost insurance cards or vehicle registrations keep us from getting the car to another Upshift member until we replace them.

Snow chains

$25 /booking

Please request at least an hour before your trip begins.

Burning Man


Sorry — Upshift cars can’t go to Burning Man, and fees will be assessed if they are.

Improper return

$250 penalty + $25 /hour /concierge + $1 /mile + tools

We’ll bill this fee if we have to send a concierge to pick up a car that’s been returned improperly.