Today is your LAST DAY to invest in Upshift!

This is it. You have less than 24 hours to invest in Upshift at www.republic.com/upshift-2022 Upshift has now raised over $875,000 on Republic from almost 3,400 investors just like you. That is amazing. Republic investors have supported us to grow 3x and increase our valuation nearly 2x. We’ve eliminated 756,674 lbs of CO2, equivalent to […]

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Car ownership

The new COVID-19 transportation landscape

While our competitors will all be struggling in the next year or longer due to the coronavirus, Upshift is well positioned for growth. People and and will continue to be less willing to travel with shared transportation services like rideshare, transit, carshare, or rental car due to health risk concerns. Even car sales will be down during […]

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