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Escape the City with Ease: Why Upshift is Perfect for Weekend Getaways

Living in the city has its perks—vibrant culture, endless dining options, and a bustling social scene. However, sometimes the urban hustle can make you crave a tranquil escape. That’s where Upshift comes in. As a leading provider of fractional car ownership, Upshift offers the perfect solution for city dwellers looking to enjoy seamless weekend trips […]

Why Upshift is the Superior Alternative to Leasing a Car

In today’s fast-paced world, flexibility and convenience are paramount. Traditional car leasing often fails to meet these needs, especially for hybrid commuters who require more adaptable transportation solutions. Enter Upshift, a leading provider of fractional car subscription, which offers unparalleled benefits over leasing a car. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of why Upshift is the smarter […]

Why Upshift is the Ultimate Solution for Tech Workers Commuting to Silicon Valley

In the fast-paced world of Silicon Valley, tech workers are constantly seeking efficient and flexible commuting solutions. Traditional options like CalTrain or leasing a car come with their own sets of challenges. Enter Upshift, the premier fractional car subscription service that redefines convenience and efficiency for hybrid commuters. Here’s why Upshift outshines the competition. Fractional […]

Demystifying the Perception of Cost: Why Upshift Offers Exceptional Value

In the realm of car rentals in San Francisco, the perception of cost can often be a barrier for potential members. At Upshift, we understand that initial impressions matter, which is why we’re here to demystify the misconception that we’re expensive. In fact, when you consider the total package – from the car itself to […]

Elevate Your Travel Experience: Why Upshift Stands Out Over Turo

Are you in pursuit of a car rental service in San Francisco that exceeds your expectations? Look no further. At Upshift, we redefine what premium transportation means. While Turo may offer a wide array of options, we believe quality should never be compromised. Here’s why Upshift should be your top choice: 1. Unparalleled Quality Control: […]

Navigating San Francisco’s Hybrid Work Commute: To Own or Not to Own a Car?

Empowering Young Professionals with the Perfect Mobility Solution Welcome to San Francisco, where the pulse of innovation meets the heartbeat of opportunity. As you settle into your new life in the Bay Area, one question looms large: Do you really need to own a car here, especially if it involves navigating between the vibrant city […]

Navigating San Francisco: To Own or Not to Own a Car?

Unlocking the Best Transportation Solution for Young Professionals in San Francisco San Francisco, a bustling hub of innovation and opportunity, welcomes young professionals with open arms. As you settle into your new life in the City by the Bay, one question looms large: Do you really need to own a car here? With an array […]

See our latest feature in Forbes

Upshift’s CEO Ezra Goldman was recently featured in Forbes Our CEO, Ezra Goldman recently joined autonomous vehicle expert, Brad Templeton on his robocars.com podcast for an in depth interview on Upshift and what’s coming next. They touched on a wide range of topics from robotaxis, car rental, car share and how Upshift takse a more […]