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This is it. You have less than 24 hours to invest in Upshift at www.republic.com/upshift-2022

Upshift has now raised over $875,000 on Republic from almost 3,400 investors just like you. That is amazing. Republic investors have supported us to grow 3x and increase our valuation nearly 2x. We’ve eliminated 756,674 lbs of CO2, equivalent to taking over 80 cars off the road for a year. We’ve built tech to scale: mobile apps for members and delivery logistics, backend platforms for dispatch and admin, and integrated vehicle telematics. Your support is now enabling us to electrify our fleet and integrate teleoperations (remote control cars!!). Soon, you will be able to request an EV delivered to your door by a remote driver – and then unlock and drive without keys. How cool is that? And that’s thanks largely to you!

We will use these funds to grow our team, invest in scalable member acquisition, upgrade our website and tech stack, improve our member experience, drive down costs, and increase profitability. We are seeing demand in major metros around the country and around the world. But what really makes us excited is that people are requesting us to come to smaller cities, suburbs, and towns. The last expansion requests we have gotten this month are from Phoenix, Sacramento, and Dallas. These are places where there are currently few – if any – good new mobility alternatives, and 124M cars driven <10,000 miles/year that can be replaced with our model. Just imagine America with over 124M fewer cars. No really. Imagine America, with 124,000,000 fewer cars. That's like eliminating a parking lot the size of Massachusetts. Imagine the streets with no street parking needed. Roughly 50% of cars in cities are driven <2x/week and these cars take up virtually all of the street parking. Imagine what that street parking space could be. Parklets. Bike and e-scooter lanes. Transit lanes. Rideshare pick up zones. Heck, just plant a tree. Anything would be better than parking a car there that just sits idle 5 days out of 7. Now get rid of the emissions of 124M cars. And the traffic of 124M cars. And now do that around the world. We currently have 8B people in the world and 1.1B cars. That's 1 car for every 7.3 people. In the USA, we have 287M cars for 336M people, or almost 1 car for every person. Imagine if everyone copied the USA and we had 8B cars instead of 1B cars in the world. Now close your eyes and imagine the world with 8x more cars than today. Electric or not, where would we put them all? Are we going to stack our Teslas on top of each other? For every car, we build 8 parking spaces. So if we 8x the number of cars, we'd actually need 64x more parking. And where will we get all the raw materials, roads, and parking for another 7B cars - just so everyone can have one that sits parked 95% of the time? I love our new Ioniq 5 EV, but it still took me 1 hour to drive 10 miles home last night because the traffic was so bad. That's the same speed as a horse. We need fewer cars - and better mobility. Our members routinely tell us they were looking to lease a car, but decided that Upshift was the perfect solution for them. We are advertising on Google for people searching to lease a car. It's not just bluster and hyperbole. We know we are replacing cars. Now we just need your support to scale up our impact.
Won’t you join us?
Hurry, this opportunity ends at midnight tonight. Invest in a better world today: www.republic.com/upshift-2022

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