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Concierge delivery and parking, refueling service, full insurance, and taxes are included. Upshift gives you the freedom to drive as much as you want and the flexibility to walk away at any time.

Get 2 days/month

  • Drive occasionally? Keep a car on standby. Perfect if you want the flexibility of a car-on-demand without having to think about how much you'll use it.
Get 4 days/month

  • Enjoy surfing or hiking or visiting the fam a few times a month - but not the hassle of renting a car to get you there? This plan is for you.
Get 8 days/month

  • Thinking of leasing a car but eek, that downpayment, and whoa, insurance and parking? How about a car-on-demand for the same cost as your monthly payment?

All plans

unlimited rollover of unused days

$0 Down

You will not be charged until your first trip is confirmed.

Save 50% or more compared to leasing

With Upshift you have a car but you don’t have any of the headaches of really owning a car. Sleep in on street sweeping day. No maintenance worries. No long term commitment. Oh, and it’s less than half the price of leasing a Prius in San Francisco. 

Lease Upshift
Down $3,500 $0
Lease/Plan $300/month $389/month
Parking $275/month Free valet parking
Insurance $100/month Full insurance included
Term 36 months Cancel anytime
Total (36 months) $27,800 $14,004
Total/month $772/month $389/month

Plan FAQ

Take a car for a few hours or a few days. It's up to you!

1 day is any period up to 24 hours. Request with as little as 1 hour notice.

Drive any days you like. Days don't need to be consecutive.

Plans renew 1 month after you set them up, not based on a calendar month.

Yes, you can share a plan with your significant other or business team.

International members are welcome, even without a US license.

Additional days beyond your plan are $79 (Freedom), $89 (Getaway) or $99 (FlexPass)

3 month minimum commitment on all plans.

We are easier than owning a car. If you don't agree after the first day, we'll refund your subscription.