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Problem: A car in the city is a waste of time and money
124 million Americans drive less than 10,000 miles/year. They are spending over $10,000/year on car payments, maintenance, insurance and parking to have a car on standby.

You are locked into years of payments for a depreciating asset you hardly even use while contributing to ruining the planet. You are saddled with the burdens of dealing with car repairs, maintenance, and insurance claims.

Solution: Fractional car subscriptions
Upshift is a flexible, convenient, and affordable alternative to leasing a car.
Subscribe to a plan that you can upgrade, downgrade, cancel, or pause anytime and only pay for the days you drive. A hybrid or electric car will be seamlessly delivered and parked next to your doorstep on the days you need it. It will be waiting for you with your own driver profile already set up, clean, and fueled/charged. At the end of your use just park it and walk away. We’ll take it from there.

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