Upshift your business

Take control of your transportation

Upshift lets you ditch transit schedules, unreliable carsharing, and sharing rides with strangers for good. Relax, get to work, and get home on your schedule.

Get your car delivered

Get your car delivered

Tell us where and when you want your car delivered via our mobile app or web app. We’ll park near your home. Unlock via our app when you’re ready to go.

Fewer cars

Drive to work

Stay in control of your day. Be on your own schedule. Transport all your work materials.

Clean operations

Return home

You’ve had a day of meeting people. No need to meet anyone to return keys. Park anywhere near your home, end your trip in the app, and we’ll pick it up later.

How it works

Customize your plan

Book a car

We deliver

Use the car with no hassle

We deliver in San Francisco
Standard service zone
Extended service zone

1 month rollover
of unused days

Didn't use all of your days this month? Bank up to 2 months of days for whenever you need it.


If you aren't satisfied, cancel any time within the first 30 days and we’ll refund your activation fee.


We guarantee your car will be available and waiting for you within 10 minutes of your booking time.

How we help IBM

Alex M, IBM

Alex M.

Visual and UX Designer

IBM logo

"Upshift has made commuting from the city to silicon valley more convenient for my team. Instead of Ubering to the Caltrain, waiting for the train, then Ubering again to our final destination, we are able to drive at our own convenience. No need to figure out train schedules again!”