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Control your busy day with a car where and when you need it. Never compromise on your business transportation again.

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Take control of your transportation

Focus on the job at hand, not how you’re getting there. Upshift for business lets you ditch the train and unreliable rideshare apps for good, so you can relax, rock your meeting, and get home on your schedule.

Get a car delivered

Tell us where and when you want your car delivered via mobile app, web app, or simply text us. Book in advance, or book last minute (between 8am-6pm) and we'll be there within an hour.

Drive to the meeting

Stay in control of your day as plans change. Never wait for the train or rideshare again. Carpool with your team.

Return home

Head home after a day of meetings. We'll pick the car up from your place you you don't have to worry about street cleaning. Part-time cars for full-time lives.

We deliver
in under 1 hour

Concierge service

We deliver and pick up your car anywhere in our San Francisco service area, every day from 8am to 6pm.

24/7 pickup and return

We'll park your car within two blocks and unlock it remotely when you are ready to go. Return it anywhere in our service area, any time of day or night.

Upshift delivery area

Not in our coverage area? Tell us where you want Upshift →

The smarter way to get your business moving

Plans include concierge delivery and pickup, cleaning and refueling service, full coverage insurance and maintenance - everything but gas and tolls which we bill at cost.

1 month rollover of unused days

$89-109/day charge for days beyond your plan
$49/mo for extra drivers (spouse/partner)

$299 start fee

1 month rollover

Didn't use all of your days this month? Bank up to 2 months of days for whenever you need it.

Money-back guarantee

If you aren't satisfied after your first day, we'll refund your subscription.

On time, every time

We’ll bring your car to your door within 10 minutes of your booking time.

How we help IBM

One of IBM’s design teams needs to be in San Jose once a week. Instead of taking rideshare and Caltrain, they now use Upshift. Each member now saves 8 hours of travel time and $150 every month saving them over $35,000/year on just one small team.

"Upshift has made commuting from the city to silicon valley more convenient for my team. Instead of Ubering to the Caltrain, waiting for the train, then Ubering again to our final destination, we are able to drive at our own convenience. No need to figure out train schedules again!”

Alex M. — Visual and UX Designer
for IBM Analytics

Benefits of using Upshift

  • Convenience

    Tell us where and when you want your car delivered via mobile app, web app, or simply text us. We bring your car right to your door, clean and gassed up for your drive.

  • Flexibility

    Meeting running late? Stuck in traffic? No problem. With valet delivery and pick-up anywhere in our San Francisco zone, you can get the car at the office and return it from your home.

  • Concierge Service

    Never be surprised getting a car with low gas or a coffee cup left behind by other members. We gas and clean between every trip.

  • Account management

    Manage and track all your employees’ usage and expense reporting.