Membership plans for business

Monthly plans for less than a parking space

Plans include concierge delivery and pickup, cleaning and refueling service, full coverage insurance and maintenance- everything but gas and tolls. Join instantly and get your car right now.

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4 days /month

$299 /month

Start with Getaway

$109 day charge for days beyond your plan

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12 days /month

$699 /month

Start with Flexcommuter

$89 day charge for days beyond your plan

1 month rollover of unused days

$89-109/day charge for days beyond your plan
$49/mo for extra drivers (spouse/partner)

$299 start fee

* Plan is based on Toyota Corolla hybrid Mon–Thu. 60 miles / day of our mileage-based insurance is included, then 40¢ / mile. Premium cars are $9-39 / day and weekends (Fri–Sun) and holidays are $15-29 assessed on the calendar day.

1 month rollover

Unused rollover for one month. Current month days are used first followed by rollover days. Unused rollover days expire if not used in the second month.

Money-back guarantee

If you aren't satisfied after your first month, let us know and we'll refund your activation fee.

On time, every time

We’ll bring your car to your door within 10 minutes of your booking time.

Plan FAQ

Can we have everyone on our team on one account?

Yes! All of your employees can share the days in your company account. Just add each team member to your plan so we know who’s driving.

Can one person at our company manage reservations, billing, and receipts?

No problem! We’ll set an account manager, whose company credit card will be the only one billed each month. This person will also get every receipt for the subscription cost, gas, tolls, and any incidental charges for all trips at the end of the month. This is especially useful for accounting and reimbursement.

The account manager can also book trips on behalf of employees.

How long can I take a car?

Take a car for a few hours or a few days. Upshift is built for convenience and flexibility.

What counts as "1 day"?

1 day is any period up to 24 hours, even if that period crosses midnight. Request a car within our full service zone and we’ll have it to you in time for your commute.

Do I have to use all of my days on one trip?

Drive whenever you want. Days don't need to be consecutive.

When does my billing cycle start?

Plans renew 1 month after your activation date, rather than the calendar month. You can set your activation date during sign up.

Can I share a plan?

Yes, plans can be shared with other employees of your company for an additional $49/month for every employee account beyond the primary account holder.

Can I join with an international driver’s license?

Sure can! International and domestic members are all welcome.

What if I want to drive for more days than my plan allows?

Additional days beyond your plan cost $89 (Flexcommuter), $99 (Freedom) or $109 (Getaway). Unused days also roll over 1 month so you can build up days for that big road trip!

Is there a minimum commitment?

Nope! You can cancel any time with 30 days notice. If this goes into another billing cycle, then your plan will cancel after the end of that new billing cycle. Any unused days will expire once your subscription ends. Plan upgrades or downgrades have a 3 month minimum commitment.

Can I try Upshift to see if I like it?

Upshift is the smart alternative to owning and managing a fleet of cars for your business. If you don't agree after your first month, we'll refund your activation fee.

"Concierge drop-off and pick-up plus no refueling means I don't need to add another hour to my trip - key if you need a car to jam down the Peninsula for meeting.”

Alex D. - Director of Product and Partnerships, Opportunity Fund