Full coverage insurance, concierge delivery, and taxes included in our flat rates. No hidden fees. Fuel and tolls at cost.



Don't drive much?

Want to try our service?

Weekday: $79/day

Weekends: $89/day

Half Day: $65

Full days are 7-24 hours

Reserve up to 1 week advance

Half days are less than 6 hours, non-holiday only

Holidays are $109/day, see FAQ for dates

Car Shareholder


Go out of the city every weekend?

Have meetings in South Bay every week?

$275/month for 4 days

Unlimited rollover of unused days

$69/day or $55/half day for additional days

No extra cost for weekends or holidays

Reserve up to 1 month advance

Pause any time– we'll keep any unused days for when you restart



"The customer service, simplicity and efficiency of Upshift is mind boggling.  I just kept thinking, "is this too good to be true?!" I've used many car sharing apps/companies before and this is by far THE BEST."

– Gabrielle B.


Still have questions? See our FAQ, Insurance, or Membership Agreement pages.

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