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Upshift is an easy alternative to owning or leasing a car for people in San Francisco who don't drive every day.


It's Time to Upshift

Just text us anytime you need a car for a day or two – whether it's to jam down the Peninsula for a meeting or go out of the city for a weekend getaway.

Our personal concierge service delivers and picks up anywhere in our San Francisco service zone. We refuel for you at pump price and clean cars between each trip. Full coverage insurance, maintenance, taxes, and 24/7 roadside assistance included.

Car Shareholder Plans

Pick your plan based on the number of days you expect to drive each month.

8 days/month: $439/month ($55/day)

6 days/month: $359/month ($60/day)

4 days/month: $259/month ($65/day)

Introductory rates for a limited time!

Additional days are the same rate as your plan

Unlimited rollover of unused days

Book 1 hour to 30 days ahead

Pause any time – we'll keep unused days until you restart. No commitment – cancel any time.

Fill out the sign up form and we will send you a welcome text. Text back with the number of days you would like each month.

You will not be charged anything until your first trip is confirmed.

Save Thousands of Dollars Compared to Leasing

Drive once a week? Save $725/month or $26,000 over the term of a lease on a new Prius.

What Our Members Are Saying


"I love that all of Upshift's cars are exactly the same so I don't have to get used to a different car every time I escape from SF. With Upshift, I don't even have to fill the car up before returning it.

Being a San Franciscan that joyfully gave up car ownership, I also love that the cars at Upshift are fully insured. All of this is provided at a very reasonable and competitive rate. I love these guys!"

– Mark S.

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