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Only need a car for regular shopping, meetings, getaways, or visiting people? Upshift is a car subscription service for people who don't drive every day. Now available in San Francisco.


Pay for the days you use. Cancel anytime with no commitment. 


Send us a text and get a new, clean Prius delivered.


Concierge parking, refueling and cleaning service.

How it Works

Reserve a car by text


Text when and where you need a car in San Francisco.

We deliver a car


We deliver a new, clean Prius with a full tank of gas.

Unlimited mileage


Go anywhere with no limits on mileage and full insurance.

Concierge pick up


Concierge parking and refueling service in San Francisco.

25 Reviews

25 Reviews

"I love that all of Upshift's cars are exactly the same so I don't have to get used to a different car every time I escape from SF."

– Mark S.


San Francisco Delivery Zone

Service Hours: 8am-8pm daily

Reserve in advance or with as little as 1 hour notice. Book by 7pm for trips before 9am the next day.

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"Concierge drop-off and pick-up plus no refueling means I dont need to add another hour to my trip - key if you need a car to jam down to Peninsula for meeting." 
– Alex D.


Everything you need is in our plans including comprehensive insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance. Our concierges provide delivery, cleaning, and refueling service. No hidden fees and taxes are included. Gas and tolls at cost. No commitment.

Car Shareholder



Go out of the city every weekend?

Meetings in South Bay every week?

4 days/month: $259/month ($65/day)

6 days/month: $359/month ($60/day)

8 days/month: $439/month ($55/day)

Save up to 45% off our Pioneer Rates

Introductory rate for a limited time!

Guaranteed availability for bookings made over 48 hours ahead

Additional days are the same rate as your plan – even weekends and holidays

Unlimited rollover of unused days

Book 1 hour to 30 days ahead

Pause any time – we'll keep unused days until you restart. No commitment – cancel any time.

You will not be charged until your first booking is confirmed.




Need a car every month or so?

Pre-Pay $399, get $450 in credit

Save 11% off our Pioneer rates

Same rates as Pioneers but get over $50 whenever you top up credit!

FlexPass credits never expire




Don't drive much?

Want to try out our service?

$65 Half Day (up to 6 hours)

$79/day Midweek (7-24 hours)

$89/day Weekends (7-24 hours)

$99/day Holidays see dates in FAQ

One time joining fee $25 (waived for a limited time)

Book 1 hour to 7 days ahead

Multi-day trips are the same rates

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"The customer service, simplicity and efficiency of Upshift is mind boggling.  I just kept thinking, "is this too good to be true?!" I've used many car sharing apps/companies before and this is by far THE BEST." 
– Gabrielle B.

Save Over $26,000 Compared to Leasing

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Still have questions? See our FAQInsurance, or Membership Agreement pages.