Send an SMS and Get a Prius Delivered.

Text 'upshift' to 415-319-8774 or enter your number to join!

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How it Works

Your next car fits in your pocket.

All our new Priuses get 54 MPG and come with FasTrak, iOS and Android cables, universal phone mount, 3 USB ports, bluetooth, and hand sanitizer. Call or text our number any time for roadside assistance.

Concierge Service

Never park, gas or clean again.

Concierge delivery and return anywhere in our San Francisco zone. Drive anywhere for as long as you like in between. Concierge hours from 8am–8pm daily with 1 hour notice. We refuel and clean for you.

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Drive Your Values

Let's build a vehicle for change, together.

Upshift provides you more flexibility and freedom than owning a car. Every car we share eliminates 13 cars to protect our planet and improve our cities. Every mile you drive with our Priuses reduces 1/2 pound of CO2 emissions. We deliver by bicycle and we use waterless and environmentally friendly cleaning products wherever possible. Always get the latest in car technology. Our work culture is founded on diversity, authenticity, transparency, and equity.

People Love Us

We're the best. At least, that's what our members say.

"By far the best on demand rental service I've ever used (and I've used most of them)." –Brian R.

“It’s really nice not to have to lug all our stuff to pick the car up.”  –Sarah C.

"The convenience of getting the car delivered to me at work, and then having it picked up after my return at home, has been stellar." –David B.

“You book by texting which I actually appreciate.” –Alex D.

“I loved not even having to *think* about filling up gas, much less bother finding a gas station!”  –Maia B.

"The communication from Upshift was prompt and helpful every time and the overall customer experience was just delightful.” –Jacob Z.

"When our plans changed the next morning, we simply texted to extend the reservation so we could hike around Muir Woods." –Pitichoke C.


All inclusive. No surprises.

Half Day (5 hours)

Full Day

Unlimited Weekend Use

Unlimited Midweek Half Days

Unlimited Combo Package






Extend from a half day to a full day for $24. Any period from 5-24 hours is a full day. Book up to 24 hours in advance.

Subscriptions: Discounted rates of $59/half day and $79/day for trips outside of what is included in your package. Holidays are not included. Subscribing members can book up to 30 days in advance. We will compensate you for the cost of a comparable rental car, insurance and the cost of getting to and from the car up to our regular rates if we do not have a car available for you. See FAQ for black out dates and details.

All rates include full coverage insurance, delivery, and taxes. We park & refuel for you. No markup on gas and toll charges.

Still have questions? See our FAQ, Fees & Insurance, or Membership Agreement pages to learn more.