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Upshift delivers you a new, clean Prius within 1 hour whenever you need a car. Now available in San Francisco.

What's Upshift?

Why pay hundreds of dollars a month on parking, insurance, and a car payment for a car you rarely drive? Why be locked into a long term commitment when you might move or get a new job? Upshift eliminates all the hassles of owning a car, at a fraction of the cost, with no commitment.


Just send a text when you need a car with as little as 1 hour notice. We'll deliver a new, clean Prius to your door with a full tank. Drive anywhere – from a few hours to a few days. We'll valet park and refuel it anywhere in our San Francisco delivery zone.

send a text and get a car


Subscribe for the days you drive in a month. Unused days rollover with flat pricing for extra days. Pause or cancel anytime with no commitment. See plan details

car delivery service


Always available. Always on time. Guaranteed. Full insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance, and regular maintenance are all included. 

drive a prius

What They're Saying About Upshift

 26 Reviews

26 Reviews

"I couldn't be happier with the service and convenience. I love these guys!"

– Mark S.

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