The Experience You Have Been Waiting For.


"After 17 years of renting cars on a regular basis (4 to 6 times year), I have finally found a rental agency I can rave about."

– Kevin G.

"Upshift has a model for car rental that is so convenient that we never want to use a traditional rental company again."  

–Mary Lee G. 

"The convenience of getting the car delivered to me at work, and then having it picked up after my return at home, has been stellar." 

–David B.

“It’s really nice not to have to lug all our stuff to pick the car up.”  

–Sarah C.

“You book by texting which I actually appreciate.”

–Alex D.

"By far the best on demand rental service I've ever used (and I've used most of them)."

–Brian R.

"When our plans changed the next morning, we simply texted to extend the reservation so we could hike around Muir Woods."

–Pitichoke C.

“I loved not even having to *think* about filling up gas, much less bother finding a gas station!”

 –Maia B.