Whenever you need to drive somewhere, just send us a text and we’ll deliver you a new, clean Prius within 1 hour. And when you come back, we’ll valet park, refuel, and clean it for you.

A smart alternative to owning or leasing a car

Subscribe only for the days you drive in a month. Pause or cancel car subscription anytime.

how to get out of San Francisco easily

✔️Delivered to you
✔️Valet parking
✔️Spotlessly clean
✔️Always a full tank
✔️Refueling service
✔️Fully insured
✔️Unlimited mileage

It’s easy to get out of San Francisco

Send us a text

Just text when and where you need a car. Bookings are accepted up to an hour in advance of your request.

We deliver

Get a new, clean Prius delivered to you. You’ll have a full tank ready to go.

You drive

We’ve thought of everything - like FasTrak, phone chargers and a mount.

We valet

When you come back, we’ll valet park, refuel, and clean it for you anywhere in our San Francisco delivery zone.

Have a personal valet, everywhere

Concierge Service Hours: 8am-8pm daily

Book with as little as 1 hour notice or up to 30 days advance

Delivery and pickup anywhere in our zone, even two different locations

When you return, we'll valet park it or you can park in any legal spot in our zone to end the trip

Please book by 7pm for trips before 9am the next day. Concierge service between 6am-8am or 8pm-10pm is $20 per delivery or pickup. For early starts, we can deliver the night before. For late night returns, park on the street and we'll pick it up the next morning with no need to meet your concierge.

 San Francisco concierge service zone

San Francisco concierge service zone

Car Shareholder plans for the price of car insurance

Subscribe for the number of days you drive in a month. Flat, all-inclusive monthly rates with no surprises.

car rental san francisco

✔️Unused days rollover.
✔️Flat pricing for extra days.
✔️Cancel or pause anytime.
✔️Join and start driving instantly.

From $159/Mo for 2 Days/Mo

Your Prius

Always drive an identical latest generation Prius with no branding, just like you own it.

✔️Your Prius has bluetooth, phone mount, charging cables for iOS and Android, FasTrak, hand sanitizer, and a pen. 
✔️Comfortable for 5 – even on longer trips.
✔️Cargo space for a surf board, a bicycle, or a new dresser.
✔️Performance to pass people in a pinch or conquer the steepest hills in San Francisco.
✔️54 MPG gets you to Tahoe and back on a single tank. You might never need to refuel a car again.
✔️We use all-natural deodorizers like activated charcoal and clean with biodegradable, waterless cleaning supplies.

Upshift Priuses for Rent

Get driving instantly

Choose your plan. Create an account. Have your driver's license and credit card handy. Get a car delivered in 1 hour.


What they're saying about Upshift

 28 Reviews

28 Reviews

"Since becoming a monthly subscriber, I feel like I have my car back again. It's like I own a car without the worries or cost of keeping it around all the time."

– Sam R.


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